Chapel of the Mortal Agony of Christ

Kněžská, České Budějovice, 37001
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The Chapel of the Mortal Agony of Christ stands in Kněžská Street, right behind the presbytery of St Nicholas Cathedral. It was built in 1727-1731 , most likely on the site of the former Gothic St James’ Chapel. The chapel was abolished as part of the Josephine reform in 1785, and restored in 1855 by Bishop Jan Valerián Jirsík. The quadrilateral chapel with a nave vaulted with a dome and two side spires is built in the Baroque style. The nave is vaulted with a dome with a ceiling painting by J. A. Schöpf “God the Father with Angels”; the altar by an unknown artist is decorated with a painting of Christ on the Mount of Olives. The chapel was part of the former municipal cemetery and marked the end of the stations of the cross set in the walls of the cemetery that originally lined the chapel and the cathedral. An archeological excavation discovered a previously unknown walled-up ossuary beneath the chapel containing the remains of several hundred people.

Map to Kněžská, České Budějovice, 37001

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