Čtyři Dvory Park

Evžena Rošického 365/16, České Budějovice, 37005
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The Čtyři Dvory Park is located on the site of former barracks and a military training ground in Čtyři Dvory, between the city’s two largest housing estates, Vltava and Máj. The park offers children several playgrounds, a giant kaleidoscope, a marble maze and various acoustic attractions. Older kids will enjoy the skatepark, and for seniors there’s the Fitness Trail offering several workout machines in the open space.

The grassy areas all around are perfect for a picnic or relaxation. There are also several wooden and concrete benches ideal for resting. The whole park consists of a network of paths for jogging and strolling. This very attractive development location is good for active relaxation and workouts. The park is designed for all age groups of inhabitants from not only the nearby housing estates but the whole city and its visitors.

Map to Evžena Rošického 365/16, České Budějovice, 37005

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