České Budějovice Whitewater Center

České Vrbné 1995, České Budějovice, 37011
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The Lída Polesná Whitewater Center, so named for the excellent Czechoslovak slalom racer, is located in České Vrbné near České Budějovice. On this artificial slalom course, you can try rafting or master the whitewater in a kayak or canoe, including being led by experienced teachers. The center rents whitewater equipment as well. The manmade slalom course with mobile obstacles is the main feature. The obstacles can be moved, modifying the course significantly and changing its nature and difficulty. The upper part starts with a starting pool, which is used as a canoe polo pitch from spring to autumn and as a skating rink in winter.

The course is absolutely unique in the Czech Republic due to its equipment and nature. The rafting possibilities offered by Raftcentrum České Budějovice are truly broad. On a course where professionals from all over Europe and the Czech Republic compete annually, you will experience a raft ride you’ll never forget! You can come with your own raft, or hire one on the spot. Rafting can be enjoyed by absolutely everyone, including families with children and adrenaline enthusiasts.

Map to České Vrbné 1995, České Budějovice, 37011

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