From the Homeland

Date of event

28. 10. 2018, 1930 — 28. 10. 2018, 2100


Senovážné nám. 248/2, České Budějovice, 37021

The South Bohemian Theater, in cooperation with the town of Český Budějovice, organizes a gala concert to mark the centenary of the establishment of an independent Czechoslovak state. We live in a landscape created by the Vltava River and the Danube, which is the geographical and cultural heart of Europe. The concert tries to recall the varied musical life that illustrated the historical and cultural background of the creation of the independent Czechoslovak state 100 years ago. Czechoslovakia was proclaimed on October 28, 1918. Its boundaries were defined by the peace treaties and the resulting decisions within the Versailles peace system.

The first ensemble of the entire cycle My Country took place on 5 November 1882 in Prague, Žofín.
The work originated at the time of the renaissance of the Czech national revival, gradually becoming one of the top works of Czech classical music. My Country is played every year, for example, as the first opening work at the Prague Spring Festival and 28 October on the day of Czech statehood.

1. Vyšehrad
2. Vltava
3. Šárka
4. Z českých luhů a hájů
5. Tábor
6. Blaník

Opera Orchestra of the South Bohemian Theater
Conductor Mario De Rose

Tickets 250 - 340 CZK

Map to Senovážné nám. 248/2, České Budějovice, 37021

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