111 years since the foundation of the cycling club ČKV

Date of event

26. 6. 2021, 0900 — 31. 8. 2021, 1700


Výstavní síň radnice
Náměstí Přemysla Otakatra II., České Budějovice, 37001

ČVK - Czech Velocipedist Club - Podšumavan, celebrates this year 111 years since the founding of the original club of the same name. It was founded in 1910. At the very beginning it had 30 members, but it gradually increased. It had three sections - youth, juniors and adults. The society held meetings, rides through the countryside and balls.  There were also annual long-distance rides "Budejice - Prague". The last one was in 1923 and was won by the velocipedist Peric. 

The current Podšumavan association mainly promotes the history of velocipedes from the years of the original association and presents itself in period clothing.

At the exhibition you can see period photographs, how the club was founded, the different types of velocipedes, their parts and equipment.

Map to Náměstí Přemysla Otakatra II., České Budějovice, 37001

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