The City of České Budějovice (hereinafter, the “Operator” is the owner and operator of the tourist portal inBudejovice.cz (hereinafter, the “Portal”), defined as a set of web sites operated in the following domains:

  • budejce.cz

Rules of personal data protection and handling

Extent of personal data processed

The Operator uses the Portal to collect the following information about registered users of its services (exclusively in the case of their voluntary registration):

  1. first name,
  2. last name,
  3. e-mail address,
  4. password,
  5. other information shared voluntarily (nickname, address, telephone, date of birth).

In addition, in the case of a user’s registration for selected services, the Operator records information on the use of the Portal by means of cookies, which enable the Operator to recognize the user as an existing user (e.g., when logging into the account, etc.) or to adjust the service to their user preferences. Cookies can also be used to display targeted on-line advertisement within and outside the Portal.

Cookie files can also be used for non-registered users, i.e., for any visitors to the Portal, in the way described above.

Extent and purpose of personal data use

The personal data provided is processed (i.e., collected, stored and used) particularly for:

  1. use of services provided by the Operator or third parties based on a contractual arrangement with the Operator by means of the Portal or other services;
  2. management of user accounts and adjustment of services provided by the Operator to the needs and interests of individual users;
  3. sending of commercial messages via e-mail or notifications of new or improved services at the Portal, including the Operator’s other marketing assets, in accordance with Act No. 480/2004 Coll. on selected information company services, as amended;
  4. creation and distribution of on-line advertising relevant to the user’s interests.

Processing authorization for personal data management and handling

The Operator processes personal data by means of a processor, the company World Media Partners, with its registered office at Táboritská 23, 130 00 Praha 3, Company ID 26208075 (hereinafter, the “Processor”). The Processor is the owner and operator of the CZeCOT information system (see www.czecot.info for more information).

In addition, the Operator provides technical support for operators of tourism, leisure and other internet portals as listed at www.czecot.info/propojene-portaly.

Based on a contractual relationship with the Operator, the Processor is authorized and obliged to process users’ personal data to the extent and in the way defined herein.

The Processor is authorized to process personal data provided by users in order to use the data for all the portals run by the Processor or technically provided by the Processor.

Termination of personal data processing

The user is entitled to prohibit the Operator from sending commercial messages by means of their user profile and/or replying to the message sent or clicking the link for unsubscribing.

The Operator is entitled to store personal data throughout the existence of the user’s user account or until the user withdraws their approval to personal data processing. If the user withdraws their approval to personal data processing, the user’s user account must be deactivated.

Hostile attacks

Any action with the intention of deleting, moving or altering the content of the portal web pages, except by partners authorized to carry out content management, attacks with the intent to slow down or prevent the loading of pages or disrupting some of its features, DoS, DDoS or other actions of a similar nature shall be regarded as a criminal offence. In this case, the information above relating to the protection of personal data does not apply. The culprit’s identification data will immediately be handed over to the police and other authorities.

Warranty and liability

The Operator or any of its employees, the Portal administrator or any of its employees or associates do not assume any liability for the content of the Portal web pages, guarantee the accuracy or completeness of information, graphics, text, links or other material available there, and are not liable for any special, indirect, auxiliary or consecutive damage, including but not limited to lost income or lost profit which might have arisen due to the use of such material. The content is provided without any guarantee and entirely at your own risk.

Copyright protection

The Portal is a copyrighted work, both as a whole and its individual parts. The copyright is owned and administrated by the Operator.
You are permitted to store excerpts from the Portal web pages on local computers and print their copies solely for your personal non-commercial use. Any other type of use, reproduction, translation, modification, adjustment, other changes, distribution or storage of the Portal web pages in any form and using any means, as a whole or partially, is prohibited without the Operator’s prior written consent.

Products and services of partners mentioned on the web pages, information about them and their graphic representations, as well as other works, may be protected by the concerned entities’ other rights. Names and designations of products, services, companies, persons, corporations and organizations may be registered trademarks of their respective owners. The web pages of this Portal may also contain copyrighted works belonging to other subjects.


The Operator reserves the right to immediately terminate your use of the website or your access to it in the case it judges that you have violated any provision of this Disclaimer or any legal regulations in force, or in the case it considers your conduct on the website inappropriate or unacceptable.

Right to change

The Operator reserves the right to update or change this Disclaimer if necessary. Any changes shall be reported immediately on this page.