Kněžínek Microbrewery

Nové Dvory 2235, České Budějovice, 37005
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TOP restaurant - one of the recommended restaurants in České Budějovice

The RKC Nové Dvory complex contains two restaurants, both in the Old Bohemian style. The summer kitchen dominates the place. The restaurant has its own microbrewery situated right inside the restaurant, meaning that you can taste the beer and watch it being brewed. The restaurant has two floors: the heated pergola seats 100, the ground floor is for 30, and the second floor has 120 seats. The restaurant includes a brewery terrace with its own bar. On the ground floor, you can enjoy sitting by a crackling fireplace in the colder season. It is the ideal place for smaller and larger social events.

Map to Nové Dvory 2235, České Budějovice, 37005

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