Czechoslovak Hussite Church

Palackého náměstí 1154/1,, České Budějovice, 37001
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The Czechoslovak Hussite Church in Palackého Square in České Budějovice was opened on 28 September 1924. The financial costs, which exceeded one million crowns, were paid by a voluntary collection, proceeds from charity events, and state subsidies. It is designed as a triple-nave basilica oriented toward the north. The pair of towers on the northern side are counterbalanced by the raised southern entrance area used for administrative purposes. The simply furnished interior is decorated with works by František Bílek – statues of Jan Hus and Petr Chelčický, a sacrifice table with a relief of the Last Supper and a large crucifix. The Sermon under the Linden relief installed in 1957 was created by Jan Vítězslav Dušek. In addition to Sunday services, the church is a venue for concerts and similar cultural events.

Map to Palackého náměstí 1154/1,, České Budějovice, 37001

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