Drink Cocktail Bar

Krajinská 251/16, České Budějovice, 37001
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Krajinská Street is the site of various businesses, but one of them stands out in several ways. Drink, a cocktail bar opened by two young (but at the time very experienced) bartenders, Tomas and Patrick, is located in the very centre of the arcade.

After descending a few stairs, guests will find a cosy space full of wood and leather, topped with a spacious lounge on one side and a solid wood bar on the other. Its landmark is a wide range of premium spirits from around the world. There are more than fifty-five varieties of gin alone, with the star being the house brand Brothers, which has won a prestigious Czech award. There are also other local products, such as the products of the Poněšice distillery and, of course, beers from Budvar. All this is complemented by a wide menu of cocktails made from the most varied and highest quality ingredients, which is regularly renewed. Can't choose after all? Behind the bar you will find a friendly and smiling staff, who boast international experience, a wide knowledge of the individual characteristics of the drinks and refined bartending techniques. Just tell us what your tastes are and the bartenders will come up with a unique drink that is uniquely yours. Plus, all of this can be experienced in catering and private events. So whether you're throwing a corporate party, celebrating a special event with friends, want to have a tasting evening with spirits from the other side of the world, or just enjoy a glass of fine wine in a beautiful setting with a unique atmosphere, Drink is here for you.
It is open from Tuesday to Saturday.


Map to Krajinská 251/16, České Budějovice, 37001

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