Parks of České Budějovice and Disc Golf in Stromovka

Are you staying in or near České Budějovice and thinking about where to go for a walk? Maybe you are looking for an area where you can do some jogging, inline skating or cycling, or a place for quiet relaxation and perhaps even for your kids to have some fun. Or maybe all of it together. Here are a few tips for the urban parks in České Budějovice, which are popular places for both active and passive relaxation in the open air.


A charming relaxation zone of the city is StromovkaPark, also known by the locals as Dlouhá louka (Long Meadow). This green treasure is situated only a few hundred meters west of the city center, on the right bank of the Vltava, and its size of 68 hectares makes it the largest of České Budějovice parks. Cycling route F links the city center to Stromovka. The park is crisscrossed by a network of both unpaved and asphalt paths, which can be used for strolls, cycling trips and inline skating. Younger kids can enjoy the modern playground with climbing frames, a slide, swings and a sophisticated play system. Older children can play volleyball and basketball on asphalt pitches. Football is played here as well. The Bagr Pond is popular with the locals, a venue for various small-scale events throughout the year. You can also have fun playing disc golf on the 9-hole course. However, if you wish to just soak in the pleasant countryside, take a seat on one of the many benches, or take a blanket, stretch it out on the mown lawn and enjoy a family picnic.

Also, come to Stromovka to try disc golf on the 9-hole course – a fun exercise activity for everyone regardless of age. It is essentially about throwing a Frisbee. Unlike the usual setup, where two or more people throw a disc in the meadow, disc golf is about throwing at a predefined target. The goal of the game is to do the set route with the minimum number of disc throws. For more information, click here.

Sokolský island

A very popular urban river island with versatile amenities and simultaneously a peaceful oasis is Sokolský island. It is situated in the city center, by the confluence of the Malše and the Vltava. The park, covering 2.3 hectares, is an ideal spot for relaxation or a short stroll. Relax on a bench or lay a blanket in the grass, unpack your picnic baskets, unwind and bask in the sun. Your kids will also enjoy it here. The park has a playground with lots of unconventional features. First of all, it is engaging due to its original musical theme, such as the staff notation bridge and the flute-shaped seesaws. The “Sokolák”, as it is known among the locals, also features an indoor swimming stadium, a summer swimming area, a Sokol gym, an athletic stadium and a tennis court. Thanks to its grassy areas and its island location, the place is a venue for various cultural events, particularly in summer.

Na Sadech

If you are just taking a tour of the historic city center and want to see it “from all sides”, head for a stroll down the urban park Na Sadech. The park was established in the early 19th century, its present-day appearance dates from 1874-1879, and it covers an area of 3.5 hectares. It was built between the Mill Canal and the last bulwark of the demolished fortifications based on the Schwarzenberg inspector Rudolf Vácha. After completion, the whole park was fenced and was locked for the night. From the main square, the park can be reached down any of Krajinská, U Černé věže, Kněžská or Kanovnická streets. Kanovnická Street will take you to where the park starts (or ends, coming from the other end). This place formerly known as the “Besední sad” features a memorial to Vojtěch Lanna (1805-1866), a businessman and industrialist from České Budějovice, built in 1897; the symbolic relief scenes on its pedestal are also noteworthy. There is no playground, but the area full of greenery and tall trees is nice to sit and relax on one of the many benches, perhaps even around the stone fountain. Recently, the park was decorated with a statue of King Ottokar II of Bohemia, the city’s founder.

Other parks worth seeing:

Háječek – an urban park at the confluence of the Malše and the Vltava with an open-air cinema and planetarium.

Malý jez – a popular park in a quiet part of the city by the Malše River with a playground.

Na Dukelské – an urban park flanking the Malše River near the historic city center.

Čtyři Dvory Park – a newly built park covering 3 hectares amidst the Máj, Šumava and Vltava housing estates. It provides facilities for street activities, with a part dedicated to seniors, who can get together here and pursue activities focused mainly on exercising. Young visitors will appreciate the largest skatepark in south Bohemia and other play areas designed for both children and adults such as the stepping stones and flutes.

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